Welcome to the Trent Bray Swim School (TBSS)

The Trent Bray Swim School is a family-run business utilising the many years of swimming skills learnt by the family Directors (Trent Bray, Medea Bray, Sandra and Ian Burrow) sharing with you our knowledge, skill and the commitment to your children’s development as a swimmer.

Proper technique is of the utmost importance at the Trent Bray Swim School, our swimming lessons have been developed to give your children the best possible technique. At the Trent Bray Swim School we teach with the end result in mind so your children will be learning correct technique right from day 1.

Mission Statement
TBSS provides a safe environment and well- disciplined and  structured classes to gain the best results for each swimmer, understanding their needs and personal abilities to further enhance their water confidence and technical skills.