Pre School (3 to 5 years Old )

Pre School Beginner
Class Level: Complete beginner. Can’t put face in the water.
Aim of the class: To get them confident in the water and putting their face in. Have an understanding of breath control. To have them self submerge under the water and retrieve an object from the bottom of the pool. Aided front and back floats.

Pre School Confident Beginner
 Class Level: Is confident putting face in water and being completely submerged.
Aim of the class: Self initiated front float unaided for 5 seconds, as well as a back float unaided.

Pre School Float
Class Level: Can front float and stand up unaided.
Aim of the class: To get them working on getting a very strong kick in a streamline position. Doing 3-4 stroking arms with good technique. Unaided backstroke kick. Backstroke arms with board.

Pre School Stroking
Class Level: Can swim freestyle 2 – 4 strokes with head down. Backstroke kicking unaided.
Aim of the class: Freestyle stroking for 6-8 strokes with good technique and strong kick. Backstroke for 8 metres.

Pre School Breather
Class Level: Can swim freestyle 6 – 8 strokes with head down. Backstroke 8m.
Aim of the class: Learning to incorporate breathing into their stroking on one side.

Pre School Intermediate Breather
Class Level: Has basic understanding of breathing skills; can do 2 or 3 breath cycles before standing up.
Aim of the class: Able to breathe for 12.5 metres without standing. Can do backstroke for 12 metres.

Private Lessons

20 Minute Lesson: Cost $45
30 Minute Lesson: Cost $60

Private lessons are a 20min or 30min one on one class with an instructor. They are for anyone who needs that little bit of extra attention. From a top competitive swimmer wanting stroke correction or someone who needs that little extra. Private lessons are the fastest way to achieve your specific needs.